AAC/Call for papers “FASHION SUSTAINABILITY: FROM DREAM TO REALITY” – 17th and 18th November – Online

In the middle of hard times, dreams make us hope and fight. To survive, we need dreams and
utopias. In fashion as well, dreams play a decisive role. Beauty, body positivity, avant-gardes, creative
and multicultural freedom are ideas that determine fashion today. May we also dream and build
together a new model of fashion? A more sustainable one?
Fashion is a space of intertwined symbolic, cultural, social values and economic interests.
These values and interests are of great importance on the one hand for individual life, for example,
to develop one’s own identity, on the other hand for economic commitment, and that is why fashion
has such a huge impact. The global challenge is to combine these values and areas under the
demand for sustainability with regard to the impact of the fashion sector on planetary boundaries. We
have no choice: we need to achieve this goal together.
Germany as an industrial nation at the heart of Europe is one of the most important countries
in the world in terms of textiles and fashion. German consumers spent 65.3 billion euros on clothing
and shoes in 2020. German brands are successful, some German designers are well known, and
Berlin is an interesting city of young designers and upcoming avant-garde fashion. At the Global
Fashion Conference 2022, we want to focus on concepts, ideas and experiments, innovative projects
which have the power to inspire change and are indeed presently contributing to change.
The linear model of fashion from nature to production, consumption and disposal is challenged
by a planet where natural resources are being exploited, where millions of pieces of clothing and
shoes are being bought every minute and where tonnes of disposable clothes are dumped in landfills,
giving rise to a fashion which is highlighted in the reports on “Dirty fashion“. The social aspects of
working conditions throughout the value chain in the Fashion business is also an aspect of utmost
importance. Human rights are at stake, and not only in the South hemisphere.
This situation has led to one of the greatest challenges in human history: the consideration of
limited resources and the implementation of global requirements for climate protection and social
responsibility in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Compliance with standards
of sustainable business practices and aesthetics is on the agenda of decision-makers and, by
extension this means all of us. Solutions must be found immediately in the fashion sector – textiles,
apparel, shoes and leather goods, accessories, jewellery, beauty –, solutions from raw materials to
circularity, involving producers, retailers, consumers and the specialized Press. Freedom to think and
exchange ideas is key when it comes to finding new concepts, and experimentation. Innovation is
The fashion system is highly differentiated on all levels. Small labels with big goals work in a
market that is simultaneously occupied by global players, while being dependent on the creative ideas
of designers who do not work primarily looking for profit. Fashion communication is not restricted to
companies or brands; it is an important activity within the specialized Press, whose main goal should
be to contribute to an informed public opinion.
The conference will specifically address the quest for solutions at different levels within and
beyond the fashion industry, including all stakeholders throughout the whole value chain. Besides
economic concepts, the traditional aesthetic ideas will be put to the test, along with the role played by
new technologies.
We invite researchers from academia, industry, and professionals from the world of Fashion
to take part in the GFC2022, as well as members of political institutions and non-governmental
organizations. The main goal of the conference is to build a community of professionals who share
and exchange knowledge and experiences on a multi-disciplinary basis to promote a more
sustainable fashion world. For this reason, all contributions from the scientific community and industry,
deriving from different fields of knowledge and perspectives are welcome.
All contributions should be original works that have not been previously presented or
published. Proposals may take the form of presentations or works in progress, scientific articles,
innovative projects created by companies or business incubators, photographic or video work, as well
as pedagogic or demonstration workshops. For each of these types of participation, the appropriate
template to be used may be found below on the conference website: www.gfc-conference.eu.

Only submissions that have two positive reviews will be accepted for presentation. The
language used in the conference is English. Regarding publication, the use of English is also required,
though other languages may be considered in future.
The first proposal to be presented consists of a structured Abstract or storyboard (for
photographic or video works) with a clearly identifiable theme for the project/title, scientific references
to previous studies, the developed research proposal, and results achieved/conclusions. Works in
progress which already include preliminary results may be submitted. The number of words and
images defined should be indicated on each of the specific templates – available on the conference
website – according to the type of work to be presented, so that submissions can be accepted for

All submissions should be made in Word format (enabling removal of Author identification,
thus allowing double-blind review) to the e-mail: globalfashionconference@gmail.com

Proposals may be related to one or more of the four main topics mentioned below:

  • Ethics of sustainability and the aesthetics of superfluity in fashion
  • New forms of luxury
  • Ethics and Aesthetics and new materials
  • Ethics on buying: Consumer behaviour
  • The Gender Gap in Fashion/The North and South in Fashion
  • Cultural and religious movements and their influence on Fashion Sustainability
  • Processes of change in the fashion system
  • Health, well-being and fashion
  • Strategies based on biological resources and attention to animal welfare
  1. The new age of IT and sustainability. In the factory and in the Atelier: data and sustainability
  • Algorithms and machine learning on fashion operations
  • E-commerce and Climate Change: Packaging and Transports
  • Servers and CO2
  • Smart Clothing Tech
  • Virtual Fashion / Virtual games and Fashion
  • Beauty and Virtual Apps
  • Fashion Avatars: Metaverse
  • Immersive experiences and retail
  • Pro-sustainability journalism and communication
  • New business models in retail
  1. Political framework and fashion sustainability
  • UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action- reality and evolution
  • How to prevent Child Labour?
  • The Fashion Pact – results?
  • The European Green Deal and Fashion
  • The international regulatory framework
  • International Governance and Fashion Industry
  • Compliance on an international basis: materials, safety, health and labour conditions…
  1. Investment and funding for sustainability
  • Big Brands and small labels: accelerating change.
  • Equity funds: friends or foes?
  • Are there Business Angels promoting sustainability?
  • Seed Capital and beyond…
  • The Death Valley for new and old fashion businesses
  • Green banks needed.

Apart from the presentations, there will be opportunities to exchange and build upon ideas, new
projects through the Meet & Greet the Masters and Young Talents – MARKETPLACE. The
marketplace is intended to be an uncomplicated place to exchange interests and create a network.
Here, ideas can be exchanged in an open format, much like in a marketplace. The format will be
offered on both days during the conference. It will be opened to all registered participants, after
presentations, so that the presentations may also provide inputs with the potential for concrete
actions. There is no need to apply in advance for the marketplace; it can simply be entered at the
time defined in the conference schedule. The Organising Committee will approach a few hand-picked
companies or start-ups in advance to be included, so that a small basic framework will already be in
place under the “Meet the Masters”… Principle. These companies offer speaking hours in breakout

In addition, a time frame is offered for exclusive presentations of sustainable student projects, which
serves as a basis for exchange and networking with the masters. The focus is on seizing dreams and
turning them into reality.
Some of the aims are:
Start-up concepts with a mission
Exchange options / together for the future
My idea, your idea = our plan
Examples for best practice
Platform for exclusive presentations of sustainable projects
The marketplace offers virtual meeting places for exchange, inspiration and joint projects while
particularly bearing in mind:
Visionaries of sustainability
Thinkers and Decision-makers who are keen to exchange ideas for responsibility and
Inventors of sustainable strategies and projects
Stakeholders of sustainable companies
Recruitment of young Talents
Templates and Authors guidelines at: www.gfc-conference.eu

Important dates:
Submission of Structured Abstracts deadline: 31st of May
Feedback from Reviewers deadline: 31st of June
Full papers due: 1st October 2022
Publication of Proceedings (ISBN and DOI): 30th November 2022

The Organisational Committee
Ulrike Nägele, Professor Fashion Design / Dean – AMD Akademie Mode & Design, Faculty of
Design at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany
Petra Leutner, Professor Fashion Theory and Aesthetics / Vice Dean for Research – AMD
Akademie Mode & Design, Faculty of Design at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences,
Hamburg, Germany
Claudia Ebert-Hesse, Professor Fashion Design / Program Director Fashion Design and Head of
International Affairs – AMD Akademie Mode & Design, Faculty of Design at Fresenius University of
Applied Sciences, Germany
Silvia Pérez-Bou, Assistant Professor Sustainability and Circular Design/ Program Director Master
in Fashion Administration FBA and The Right Fashion – ISEM Fashion Business School and
School of Architecture, University of Navarra, Madrid, Spain
Isabel Cantista, Associate Professor Innovation & Marketing/ Researcher COMEGI -– Universidade
Lusíada Norte, Porto, Portugal

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